This site provides a central access to the data portal demonstrators and associated tools implemented under Shom’s coordination in European projects supporting maritime policies implementation. In addition, it provides information on the data portal architecture and eases the access to specific outputs of the projects, related to data sharing and use.



SIMCelt, SIMNORAT, SIMWESTMED, SEANSE and SIMAtlantic projects are co-funded by EASME for the EU/DG Mare under EMFF funds. They aim to support the implementation of maritime spatial planning (MSP) Directive. This includes to foster data sharing and use for MSP. To this end, a data architecture was first set up in SIMCelt project, and further improved throughout the subsequent projects. This architecture used for each project area of interest is both a demonstrator to share available MSP relevant datasets and a tool to test their interoperability.


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Project: eMSP NBSR
This metadata catalogue gathers metadata records associated to relevant data for MSP
Data architecture
As part of MSP projects for transboundary cooperation, Shom was in charge of setting up a spatial data architecture connected to data portals as demonstrators to share transboundary MSP Knowledge on the sea basins in Europe...