ORCA est une base de données qui regroupe toutes les données de planification de l'espace maritime utilisées dans le cadre des différents projets européens.


Access to the metadata catalogue here


Access to Metadata catalogue



Metadata records available in the catalogue of SIMCelt, SIMNORAT,SIMWESTMED, SEANSE and SIMAtlantic geoportals gather in a single metadata catalogue using the open-source application, Geonetwork. It can be populated with three different metadata inputs :

  • Created directly in the Geonetwork
  • Imported from WML files
  • Harvested from external metadata catalogues

On challenge of the SDI is to experiment the metadata harvesting process. The harvesting process can be summarised as "collect once, use many times".

The figure below illustrates that metadata catalogues communicate with each other. The data portal gathers and disseminates metadata from external catalogues which are grouped in virtual nodes. The demonstrator requests these nodes to harvest and then disseminate the external metadata. If necessary, the data portal administrator filters the metadata harvested from one node to publish only part of them.