Duration : 01/2017 - 12/2018


The SIMWESTMED project is co-funded by the European Commission. The project brings together 11 partners — research institutes, marine planning authorities and marine management bodies from Spain, France, Italy, Malta and international bodies.

This project aims to support the implementation of the European Directive 2014/89/EU of 23 July 2014 establishing a framework for maritime spatial planning (“MSP Directive”) in the European waters of the Western Mediterranean waters of Spain, France, Italy and Malta. In addition it aims to establish a concrete cross-border maritime spatial planning cooperation between the Member States.

The project addresses both key objectives through a variety of approaches, including: literature and desktop research, collaborative actions to enhance information sharing, practitioner/stakeholder interviews and meetings, development of case studies.

SIMWESTMED outputs are practitioner focused, and seek to identify and share best practice on: technical (e. g. data management), scientific (e.g. ecosystem based management), and social (e.g. stakeholder engagement processes) aspects of MSP implementation. It addresses barriers to the implementation of the MSP Directive and effective cooperation on transboundary working for MSP.

The project ceased activity in December 2018. This document signposts users and stakeholders towards appropriate SIMWESTMED outputs and resources by providing summaries of the main findings.